480 x 140 x 60cm
Blackened acrystal
on a black valchromat podium
All animals are life size



A caravan of migrating animals comes out of a clay-like base. Each animal that I have chosen for this project has a strong bond  to us humans. They are all carrying something that is highly valued to them for survival.


The sculpture Exodus was commissioned by Uppsala Art Museum for the show The Non-Human Animal – Negotiating Bio-relations in 2019. Courtesy of Uppsala Art Museum.

©Pär Fredin
Parrot with bananas taped on back ©Fredrik Strid
Dog with bones in mouth ©Fredrik Strid
Mouse with cheese on back ©Fredrik Strid
Squirrel carrying cones ©Fredrik Strid
Front view ©Fredrik Strid
Detail, flower package dragged in clay ©Fredrik Strid