Since around 2013, after living between Malmö and Los Angeles for about ten years, I have been living and working in this 1900’s wooden chapel in the northern part of Uppsala County. The place is called Persbo Studio. Here, I have my studio under the same roof as my living area.  With a great passion to nature and the animal kingdom this becomes a naturally dynamic and focused place for me to work and live in. Along side my art production I run a sculpture park and a pop-up residence programme here at Persbo Studio.

Artist Fredrik Strid Persbo Studio

My art practice pays great attention to nature. Throughout the last decades I have worked around this theme and the outcome of works has been quite diverse. Today I mainly produce sculptures, with some occasional side steps in other media. My art works tends to use a variety of qualities and layers that contributes to the work as a whole. I often put physical properties and materiality in relation to conceptual ideas. In conjunction to the central theme of nature there are a number of sub-themes and interests. I have the tendency to touch upon themes such as death, transience and nostalgia.


In the past, I have had the great pleasure to work with various natural history museums and science institutions; this is a theoretic place that significantly challenges my world of ideas at the moment. The knowledge and methodology in relation to the hands-on tradition of collecting data(that sometimes goes all the way back to the early-cabinets-of-curiosity-days) creates a tension that really intrigues my sphere of ideas.


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